By: Russian River Brewing

Product Description: Sour, Sour, Sour! The folks at Russian River are experts at brewing sour beers and this is far and away their best one. A must try for its incredibly unique sour smell and taste. Perfect 100 out of 100 rating from more than 600 reviews on RateBeer!

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  • Size: 375 ml Bottle
  • Type: American Wild Ale
  • Alcohol Content: 6.75% ABV
  • Region: Santa Rosa, California
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Tasting Notes: A light golden haze. Sanctification smells of beautiful, sour brett. The taste is tart. There are hints of crispy fruit that go down dry. Pleasantly light bodied. It is very enjoyable and easy drinking. The perfect example of a sour style beer. Enjoy!

What's on the bottle...

sanc-ti-fi-ca-tion, n 1. to set apart for sacred use; consecrate. 2. to make holy; purify. 3. to give religious sanction to, as with an oath or vow.

Who's afraid of the "big bad BRETT?" We'll tell you who: winemakers! Because of our close proximity to several hundred wineries, we often get winemakers visiting our brewery. (After all, it takes a lot of great beer to make great wine!) Because we use 100% Brettanomyces (rather than the traditional Saccharomyces) yeast to ferment Sanctification, most winemakers will only smell the glass, and only a very few will venture to taste the beer. They think the Brettanomyces will attach to their clothing and end up in their winery. A simple solution was offered: keep a smudge pot burning at the door of our brewery so they can burn their clothes when exiting, but even that was not enough.

After giving it more thought, we concluded that winemakers think Brettanomyces might scar their taste buds and possible even permeate their skin.

Sanctification is refermented in this bottle with Brettanomyces to create its fine carbonation. Spent yeast cells form a thin layer of sediment in the bottom of the bottle, adding more complexity and flavor. Pour slowly, allowing the natural yeast sediment to remain in the bottle.

More from the brewer

100% Brettanomyces Fermented Golden

Technically, this is neither an ale nor a lager. The base recipe is for a Golden Ale, but we do the primary fermentation with 100% brettanomyces. The brett gives it some sour notes but not as much as if it had been aged with lacto and pedio. It's rather refreshing on a warm day!

Storage: Age in a cool dark place

Bottle Conditioned/Refermented: Yes.

Serving Tips: Pour into a snifter, tulip glass or Belgian-style stemmed glass. Not a pounder.

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