The Stoic 2015 from Deschutes Brewery

The Stoic 2015

By: Deschutes Brewery

Product Description: The Stoic represents Deschutes Brewery's completely unique and first ever interpretation of the Quad style. Brewed only two times, in 2011 and now in 2015, this current version represents four separate, nuanced fermentations. Each aged and sequestered in select rye whiskey and wine casks.

Criticized by some for not following convention. Others have called it their "favorite beer of all-time". One of the highest rated American-made Quadrupels in the world.

Limited 2015 bottles are perfect for cellaring and we would not expect to see The Stoic available again for many years.

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  • Size: 22 oz Bottle
  • Type: Quad
  • Alcohol Content: 10.90% ABV
Currently Unavailable

More from the brewer

A prized, potent, Belgian-style Quad of stirring depth and complexity aged in rye whiskey and wine barrels.

Four nuanced fermentations. Aged, sequestered, in select rye whiskey & wine casks. Ergo a stoically brewed quad, with the spellbinding complexity of its medieval ancestors.

Malt: Pilsner
Hops: German Northern Brewer, Hallertauer Mittelfruh, Czech Saaz
Other: Beet Sugar, Belgian Candi Sugar, Date Sugar, Pomegranate Molasses
Barrel Aging: 11 months in Pinot Noir (15%) and Rye Whiskey Barrels (15%)

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