Pine Drops from Deschutes Brewery

Pine Drops

By: Deschutes Brewery

Product Description: Deschutes Brewery - Pine Drops - 12 oz Bottle

  • Size: 12 oz Bottle
  • Type: IPA / India Pale Ale
  • Alcohol Content: 6.50% ABV
Currently Unavailable

What's on the bottle...

In the open forest surrounding the Pindrops Trail there stands a rare tree. A Pine that, instead of sap, drips a crisp light-bodied Golden Ale. An irresistible Hop-forward IPA crafted with Chinook and Experimental Hops. And if you don't believe this story, just take a sip.

More from the brewer

Fans in the Pacific Northwest have been raving about Pinedrops IPA. After pouring yourself a glass, take a whiff of this bright gold colored beer and you'll know there is truly something different about this IPA.

Inspired by the aromas and sights we experience when exploring the pine forests around our brewhouse, this crisp and refreshing beverage has citrus and pine notes from the hops complimented by a light malt body. Pinedrops IPA is the second offering from the Bond Street Series and will be available year round beginning this summer. Mmmmmm, piney!

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