Sweet Heat

By: Burnside Brewing

Product Description: Burnside Brewing - Sweet Heat - 22 oz Bottle

  • Size: 22 oz Bottle
  • Type: Specialty / Fruit Beer
  • Alcohol Content: 4.90% ABV
  • Region: Portland, Oregon
Currently Unavailable

What's on the bottle...

Burnside Sweet Heat is a gold medal winning wheat ale with an addition of 200 pounds of Apricot puree, then dry hopped with imported Jamaican Scotch Bonnet peppers. Reminiscent of a Caribbean chutney, Sweet Heat has a subtle tartness from the fruit with a slight spiciness from the peppers which also adds a fruitiness to the aroma. Excitedly the heat may vary due to the nature of the pepper.

More from the brewer

Burnside Sweet Heat, as all Burnside Beer is unfiltered. This requires an increased time commitment, but pays dividends in the depth, character, and flavor profile of our offerings.

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