La Tache from Ale Apothecary

La Tache

By: Ale Apothecary

Product Description: Another special beer from brewing genius, Paul Arney. The beer formerly known as La Tache is a mixed fermentation ale from Bend, Oregon. Barrel aged for up to nine months and then dry hopped for another month in oak. This wonderful beer is both highly rated and highly sought out, especially given its very limited distribution outside the state of Oregon.

An impressively complex and funky beer, very different from anything you've tried before, unless you've been lucky enough to try other beers from Ale Apothecary.

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  • Size: 750 ml Bottle
  • Type: American Wild Ale
  • Alcohol Content: 8.67% ABV
  • Region: Bend, Oregon
  • Price:
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Tasting Notes: Light and golden in the glass with an active head that settles to a solid cap of white. The floral and funky aroma is tempered with hints of tropical fruit while the flavor blends a white wine quality with just the right amount of tartness. The finish is smooth and dry with a vinous oak character.

What's on the bottle...

Brewed & Bottled by APOTH - The Beer Formerly Known as LaTache. Mixed fermentation ale aged in wine barrels. Bend, Oregon 750 ml.

More from the brewer

The Beer Formerly Known as LA TACHE is the table sour produced year-round by The Ale Apothecary. (TBFKA) LA TACHE is made of malted barley & wheat and Goschie Farms Cascade Hops. The hops are used only for aroma as the balance of the beer comes from acid produced by our house lactobacillus culture. She spends 3-9 months in our barrels during a long, relaxed fermentation prior to a month-long dry-hopping (yes, in oak barrels!).

Our sensory experience is lemon citrus & fermented orchard fruit nose over earthy undertones. The palate finishes with soft lactic acid balanced by the malt body.

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